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Concrete Cloud Computing

October 2, 2008 by Annrai O'Toole on Cloud

Benefits administration is a headache for HR people, balancing the needs of the employee for great coverage with the needs of the organization to maintain a reasonable cost profile. To make things simpler, organizations often integrate the benefits provider’s online capabilities with their HRMS, eliminating some of the pain associated with keeping employee records accurate.  Read Entire Blog >>

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Cloud Computing

September 4, 2008 by Annrai O'Toole on Cloud

The term “Cloud Computing” is getting a lot of air play these days — it is the computing equivalent of a U.S. Presidential Election. It has loads of twists and turns, plenty of eager participants, lots of money being spent on it and it gets to consume large amounts of the news cycle…often without a lot of new information. So what exactly is “Cloud Computing”? I’m gonna have a crack at answering that question and (as an encore) talk a little about where Workday stands in the whole Cloud Computing debate  Read Entire Blog >>

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Putting the Focus on People

July 28, 2008 by Annrai O'Toole on Corporate

Now, some of you out there may say that enterprise software solves complex problems and therefore it must be hard to use in order to accomplish its mission. But as Robert X. Cringely noted in a recent post, big enterprise software companies regularly made their software harder to use than it needs to be.  Read Entire Blog >>

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Change Can be a Good Thing - Annrai O'Toole and Workday the opposite of ERP

July 3, 2008 by Annrai O'Toole on Innovation

A lot of the debate about “change” in ERP gets focused on the database. For a whole set of very obvious reasons, the relational database, has a crucial role in any business software system. Upon first encountering ERP, many of my smart friends would tell me that that the big source of system complexity is the thousands of database tables. Indeed, a colleague of mine from a very large bank told me they spent $50m a year to keep a global, single instance of a traditional ERP system running. This seems like a lot of money just to manage a few thousand tables!  Read Entire Blog >>

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ERP: Outside In

July 3, 2008 by Annrai O'Toole on Corporate

So this is how it starts. Here you have a guy with absolutely no ERP or application experience, co-writing a blog about ERP applications. It′s great!  Read Entire Blog >>