Stan Swete

Stan Swete

Chief Technology Officer

Stan Swete is chief technology officer at Workday and is responsible for Workday's overall technology strategy, direction and execution.

Stan was one of Workday’s first employees, joining the company in 2005. Prior to Workday, Stan spent 10 years at PeopleSoft in a number of key leadership roles, including head of the products and technology organization that included more than 4,000 employees. He was also manager of tools development, general manager of financial applications, general manager of customer relationship management systems and was responsible for the initial release of PeopleSoft's Internet architecture. Prior to PeopleSoft, Stan spent 10 years with ASK Computer Systems, including management of ASK's VAX product line.

Stan holds a bachelor of science degree and a master of science degree in industrial engineering from Stanford University.

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Embracing Continuous Change at Workday

September 11, 2013 by Stan Swete on Cloud

At Workday we’re focused on developing enterprise solutions that are easier to use, easier to change, and easier to integrate than traditional applications. When we started the company we thought “easier to change” meant two things. First, we envisioned cloud applications that our customers could configure without breaking our ability to upgrade their changes. Second, we wanted a platform that allowed us to continuously deliver new innovations to our customers. But, when it comes to change it turns out this is only half the story.  Read Entire Blog >>

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How We've Re-imagined Software Customization at Workday

April 16, 2013 by Stan Swete on Cloud

We are now rolling out Workday 19 to all of our customers. There is a ton of cool functionality in the update, but the enhancements creating the most interest among our customers are related to how we've re-imagined the traditional approach to software customization.  Read Entire Blog >>

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It's Time to Talk About the Second 'S' in SaaS

October 3, 2012 by Stan Swete on Cloud

In the last entry for this blog, I wrote about how Workday's technical architecture allows us to develop new products and updates with speed. Today I want to spend a little more time on the topic of speed because there is much more to the story than I shared last time, especially when it comes to the delivery of three updates to our suite of enterprise cloud applications a year. Moving with speed in enterprise software is as much about service delivery as it is about technical architecture.  Read Entire Blog >>