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Liz Dietz

Today we announced Workday Student Recruiting, following a year of close collaboration with nine customer design partners from a variety of colleges and universities. It is so important for higher-education institutions to get recruiting right. In this video, I talk a little bit about why it's critical, and what happens when they get it wrong. I wrap that up with a tour of the application.  Read Entire Blog >>

Jeff Selingo

As millions of members of the digital generation went off to college for the first time this month, they arrived on campuses largely built for an analog age and not ready for how today's students learn, communicate, and engage with the world around them. Ultimately, it is these students and those following them within the next 10 years who will drive colleges to reimagine the future of higher education.  Read Entire Blog >>

Liz Dietz

Since we announced plans to develop Workday Student last fall, we've teamed with nine universities to build this end-to-end student and faculty lifecycle management solution. We knew of the challenges institutions and their students face before we started this work, and we've seen first-hand how older administrative systems fall short of addressing them. Of most concern in our society on the topic of higher education is that too many students, after spending large amounts of money and time on their college experiences, have difficulty finding meaningful employment upon graduation.  Read Entire Blog >>

Mike Frandsen

Last March, David Clarke penned an outstanding blog on Workday’s move to single codeline development, meaning we now use just one line of code for both our current release of Workday and features we’re developing for our next release. Most importantly, this move has transformed our development organization to one focused on continuous development. Having recently completed our delivery of Workday 23, we have a full year of experience with this model, and I want to complement David’s blog with my perspective on why it is so fantastic for our customer community.  Read Entire Blog >>

Leighanne Levensaler

When vendors begin to sound the same and any one of them can claim a business process is simple, intuitive, or seamless, companies need to ask a few fundamental questions to cut through the marketing talk and see differentiation in action: “Can you show it? How elegant is the experience? And how much of our own time and resources are required to achieve it?” We hope Product Spotlights start to answer these questions. So take a look at a few favorites across HR and finance, and stay tuned as we’ll share more throughout the year!  Read Entire Blog >>