Naomi Bloom’s 4 Foundations of Real SaaS, No. 2: Multi-tenancy

We continue this Naomi Bloom four-part video series with a discussion about multi-tenancy. Does multi-tenancy matter for SaaS, and should customers care? It’s a debate that’s been waging for years. Naomi has strong views on this topic and describes the benefits of aggregation and inheritance, adding that, “I don’t see how these can be done without multi-tenancy. I’m waiting for someone to tell me.” Hear more from Naomi:

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(Naomi Bloom is the founder and managing partner of Bloom & Wallace and a renowned consultant, speaker, writer, and thought leader in the human resources (HR) technology industry. Naomi has advised many large corporate clients on strategy and consulted with several generations of HR software vendors and outsourcing providers. Today she acts as an advisor to select organizations, including Workday. Visit her blog and follow her on Twitter @InFullBloomUS.)