3 Things to Expect from Workday’s New Mobile Experience

Today at Workday Rising 2014, we introduced a new mobile experience as part of our commitment to deliver continuous and relevant innovations to our customers.

In the design and development of our new mobile experience, we continue to explore the latest trends and technology advances among leading consumer applications and we listened to customers about their needs. Mobile usage has spiked tremendously within our customer base over the past year—we’ve seen a 400% increase in transaction volume coming from mobile devices. To support this rapid growth, we looked for new ways to engage our on-the-go customers with elegant, personal, and efficient applications that make it simpler to get work done.

Here’s a deeper look at what we’ve done in those three focus areas:

Elegant. Within our iOS-first delivery model, the new experience for Workday for iPhone and Workday for iPad reflects the best in flat design while pushing beyond the simplicity offered by this minimalist approach. We added beautiful and engaging animations throughout that give life to the flat design foundation and create a familiar and intuitive feel to the applications.

Personal.  Traditionally, business applications are extremely limited in how they can be tailored to each user’s personal preferences and needs. With our new mobile experience, users can make Workday their own. They can choose the applications they want and where they want them—just like on a mobile home screen. In addition, their experiences related to search results, prompts, and menus improve over time creating an increasingly intelligent and personal interface based on usage.

Efficient.  We’ve streamlined the entire navigation scheme to limit the number of taps needed to accomplish tasks. This includes reducing the number of navigation tabs and leveraging touch gestures for simpler data exploration, with the goal of making navigation seamless and data consumption and task completion primary.

Organizations can opt-in for the new mobile experience on Workday for iPhone and Workday for iPad now, if they’d like, and we’ll have it on Workday for Android in the first half of 2015. We will continue to iterate and learn from our customers as they use our mobile applications, incorporating their feedback and applying it back into our desktop experience as well.

We are different by design at Workday, and we continue to deliver a fresh approach to enterprise applications for our customers—all made possible by our single codeline and continuous development model. I hope you enjoy our new mobile experience and have a great Workday!