A Busy Saturday Afternoon

Like all companies, Workday does everything possible to avoid system failures. Unfortunately, they can still happen and when they do, we have a special obligation to our customers to bring systems back online quickly and securely given our status as a leading cloud vendor.

On Saturday afternoon, just before lunch Pacific Time, we experienced an unplanned outage in Workday’s production data center. As practiced in a recovery drill each quarter, we attempted to isolate the problem in our primary data center, and when we couldn’t do so within our allotted timeframe, we moved our production environment to our secondary data center. Within hours, we were back online and no customer data was lost or compromised.

Another special obligation we have to our customers is to communicate efficiently during the outage. This past weekend, the Workday team was in close communication with customers. And while we know unplanned outages are never acceptable, we thank our customers for trusting us as we worked hard towards recovery.

A third obligation we have to our customers is to create a production environment that can survive edge-case hardware failures, or minimize their impact on our customer base should one occur. We have active projects underway to address both goals, and reminders (like this weekend) reinforce our commitment to completing these projects in a prudent timeframe.

We continue our quest to be the best partner in the applications space. Our quest is marked by achievements in providing great applications in the cloud, and a level of customer intimacy that was never possible in the disconnected on-premise software world. Our quest is also marked by moments of humility that remind us that we can always be better.