Behind the Cloud Episode 5: GDPR Compliance

Welcome to the fifth episode of Behind the Cloud, a video series that dives into the technology and people that make the enterprise cloud possible.

May 25 is when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect. Barbara Cosgrove, Workday’s chief privacy officer, talks with host David Clarke about the main principles of GDPR compliance, Workday’s role in supporting our customers’ compliance, and the fact that we’re only at the beginning of this new privacy framework.

Privacy, protecting personal data through procedures and policies, and partnering with product: If it begins with everyone’s favorite voiceless bilabial stop (the letter P), we have it covered.

In This Episode
A Day in the Life of Workday’s Chief Privacy Officer
Principles of GDPR
How GDPR Impacts Organizations
Data Privacy and Regulations in Other Countries
The Significance of May 25
Advice for GDPR Compliance
Workday Features That Support GDPR
Skills and Capabilities Needed to Ensure Data Privacy