eBook: Workday’s Technical Foundations Chapter 3

The latest installment of “The Workday Tech Strategy”—the deepest dive into the underpinnings of Workday ever written—is now available for your reading pleasure.

Whereas chapter one details our early days and founding principles, and chapter two delves into our development approach and single security model, chapter three uses the metaphor of a city map to explore how the different Workday services (interface, object management, analytics, and more) are related to each other.

As the eBook authors advise: “Put on your metaphorical walking shoes for a guided tour of how the different elements of Workday come together to create an intuitive and powerful user experience. See how we engineered an architecture that stays true to our founders’ first principles while taking advantage of new technology.”

Stay tuned for chapter four, where we explain what we’re doing right now to create an even more open and connected future. If you’re a software developer, enterprise architect, or just one of those people who like to understand how the things you use every day really work, read chapter three today.

The Workday Tech Strategy Chapter 3