Healthcare Industry Spotlight: How the Role of the Controller is Changing

The healthcare industry continues to undergo significant change, with uncertainty around healthcare reform, industry consolidation, and new business models for the delivery of care.

Controllers have a big role in helping organizations navigate these changes, by providing insights and data that can help drive improved patient care and costs.

In this video, Rob McMurray, controller at Christiana Care, one of the largest healthcare providers in the mid-Atlantic region, discusses how change is impacting the organization and his role. Watch to learn more about how controllers and other finance leaders can prepare their teams for change.

“A lot of what keeps me up at night is the changing landscape of healthcare. We know that as an organization, we have to provide greater quality at a lower cost,” says McMurray.

Yet controllers can make a difference. “There are opportunities to change what we do and provide greater value to the organization” says McMurray. “Focusing more on the business needs, understanding the business better, and becoming more of an analyst and less of an accountant.”