How Recent Grads Help Workday Build a Student-Centric System

The Workday Student team just got back from the AACRAO annual conference in Minneapolis, MN, and we’re still glowing from the great conversations we had with friends, customers, prospects, and partners. We enjoyed demonstrating the power of Workday Student at our booth and hope some of you got the chance to catch our Student Experience panel where we discussed how the product was built. In fact, many of us are recent students ourselves, so we understand first-hand the frustrations and needs of today’s learners.

A huge mismatch exists between what higher education institutions are offering in terms of digital tools, and what students themselves want when they get to campus. In fact, according to an Accenture survey, 80 percent of university students say that digital capabilities were important when deciding which institution to attend, but just 13 percent of those surveyed were satisfied with the digital tools provided by their institution.

When thinking about the concept for our student system, we knew we wanted to help institutions close this gap. To build something that would truly resonate with users, however, we needed to first understand all the pain points of the student experience, from academic advising, to course selection, to registration. As recent grads, many of us have the fresh perspective needed to bring this to life.

Watch our video above to hear the stories of our recently-graduated product managers and their approach to building Workday Student.