In Good Company: Faster Onboarding, Greater Success

Every year millions of people will start a new job, change teams, or welcome a new team member. So how can we help people be more successful in their new roles, faster?

In this episode of In Good Company, two experts discuss how personal networks affect job performance: Rob Cross, one of the world’s leading experts in applied social network science, and Greg Pryor, senior vice president, people and performance evangelist at Workday. They share the results of Rob’s extensive research with more than 300 companies, and their insights about what creates individual success includes some surprises.

In This Episode

Explanation of Applied Network Social Science
Why Accelerating Transitions Is Becoming More Important
The Impact of Certain Types of Networks
How Companies Can Provide Networking Strategies
The Networking Strategies That Predict High Performance
Avoiding Collaborative Overload

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