In Good Company: Finance Leaders Share Their Priorities

As a CFO, what happens to your role as the world around you continues to change? Unless you want to go the same way as the stegosaurus, you’ll need to change with it.

Today’s CFO must now balance traditional accounting responsibilities with growing demand for data-driven analysis, risk management, and the expectation to deliver quick insights to the boardroom. How does finance adapt to this redefined role and what does it mean for the future?

In this episode of In Good Company, filmed in London, I sat down with two finance experts: Peter Elkins, group editor of research firm Longitude, a Financial Times company, and Tim Wakeford, vice president, financial product strategy, EMEA at Workday. We discussed finance leaders’ priorities that emerged from a global research study, the changing nature of the finance function, and the key areas CFOs must address if they are to be successful in their role.

In This Episode
Key Findings from “Finance Redefined: Workday Global Finance Leader Survey”
Taking a Data-Driven Approach to Finance
The Importance of CFO Collaboration with the Rest of the C-suite
Finding the Right Talent for the Future of Finance

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