Midsize Companies: Buyer’s Guide for Back-Office Transformation

One of the biggest challenges that midsize organizations face as they grow is the increasing complexity of back-office functions and administrative tasks. As they look to expand, midsize companies often realize that their current systems and processes across functions such as finance, HR, planning, and payroll aren’t going to support their ability to scale and grow. This realization is often the catalyst for major change—with leaders deciding to invest in modern technologies that enable their business to run more efficiently and effectively.

But with all the noise in the technology market, the process for finding the right system and capabilities can be daunting.

That’s why we created a guide to help. Based on learnings from hundreds of customers, this guide will help you scope your business requirements, evaluate vendors, get the most out of a demo, and choose a deployment approach. We’ve also included checklists that explain the differences between on-premise (hosted) versus SaaS (cloud) vendors and a list of questions to ask any provider as you go through the selection process.

We know how important it is to have a technology foundation that can support your business goals. Knowing the right questions to ask and understanding the differences between systems can help in making the best decision for you.

Check out “How to Choose the Right Finance, Payroll, and HR System: A Guide for Midsize Organizations” to learn more.

How to Choose the Right Finance, Payroll, and HR System: A Guide for Midsize Companies