Midsize Companies: Have You Outgrown Your Legacy Systems?

Many midsize companies are running their organizations with legacy systems that can’t keep up with increasingly complex demands—leading business leaders to recognize they need to make a change.

Advances in technology are transforming core business functions such as finance and human resources—enabling midsize companies to operate more efficiently, gain deeper insights into the business, and better plan for the future. In fact, according to the SMB Group’s “2017 SMB Digital Transformation Study,” three-quarters of U.S.-based midsize businesses (100–2,500 employees) believe that using new technology effectively is key to their company’s survival and growth.

But how should midsize organizations approach making a systems change to ensure they are creating a foundation that can support their needs not only today, but in the future?

To find out, read “Unified Systems: A Springboard for Midsize Business Growth,” from market research and consulting firm SMB Group. They analyze the top technology challenges that midsize companies face, and where many midsize organizations run into trouble when trying to overcome these challenges. SMB Group also looks at how advances in finance and HR systems can help midsize companies better prepare for and support their growth plans.