Naomi Bloom Interviews Workday CTO Stan Swete on Modern System Architecture

Workday CTO Stan Swete often talks about how Workday’s architecture was designed from scratch less than 10 years ago to meet modern organizations’ needs for speed, security, insight, and change.

HR technology consultant Naomi Bloom  met with Stan recently at Workday’s headquarters in Pleasanton, Calif. In this five-minute video we capture some highlights of that conversation, including Stan’s discussion about the Workday object model versus the traditional relational database approach to system architecture. Stan also shares his thoughts on the next generation of enterprise software developers and the impact of Workday’s ability to start from scratch. Take a look:

(Naomi Bloom is the founder and managing partner of Bloom & Wallace and a renowned consultant, speaker, writer, and thought leader in the human resources (HR) technology industry. Naomi has advised many large corporate clients on strategy and consulted with several generations of HR software vendors and outsourcing providers. Today she acts as an advisor to select organizations, including Workday. Visit her blog