Onboarding Extends Warm Welcome in Workday 16

At Workday, we talk a lot about the importance of people to business success—people deliver results and get things done. There is no better time for organizations to start making employees feel valued and productive than at the beginning. Our customers recognize this critical and sensitive time, and put onboarding at the top of their strategic programs lists for 2012—particularly as they look to grow strategically amidst economic uncertainty. That’s why we’re so excited to offer onboarding in Workday 16, announced April 19, which will help our customers extend a warm welcome and establish great relationships with new hires even before their first day at work.

Onboarding is a natural extension of our unified core human resources (HR) and talent solution—it collects all the data required to get a new hire paid, authorized to work, covered with proper benefits, and ready to engage with peers, and it does all this in a welcoming, easy-to-use way. New employees and contingent workers can get the “paperwork” done quickly so they can focus on getting comfortable in their jobs and adding value to their teams. Meanwhile, HR teams are freed from having to hunt down completed paperwork, and have a very clear view into new hires’ progress through Workday’s flexible, embedded reporting tools.

Administrative paperwork may seem like a tactical issue, but it’s a bigger deal than that. New hires are excited to get started and quickly show their value, and don’t want to be derailed by administrative tasks. By simplifying and streamlining these tasks, an organization demonstrates it values new hires by guiding them to where they need to put their time and focus. Meanwhile, new hires get clear, personalized messages through Workday’s new announcements framework. A CEO, division leader, and manager can create alignment on day one regarding the culture, mission, and values of an organization through this framework. In conjunction with the overall orientation program, new hires are embraced as part of the team and know immediately what really matters.

Because of our multi-tenant SaaS delivery model, all of our 280+ customers now have onboarding available to them in Workday 16 at no additional cost as a part of their Workday HCM subscriptions, deployed to every single one of our customers over just a few days.

As you can imagine, our customers are as excited about this new capability as we are. To our delight, many customers, ranging from medium sized organizations to large enterprises, are signing up by the dozens for a workshop we’re offering over the next couple of months, where they’ll configure their own sandbox tenants with their own data. The workshop will be the jumpstart to speedy deployments of onboarding. Many companies, including one of our newest customers, CEC Entertainment, anticipate that the addition of Workday onboarding, to our core HR, and talent management capabilities, will optimize the way companies hire, deploy, and manage employees and contingent workers.

Onboarding Welcome

Take a look at these screenshots (click to enlarge), which demonstrate the engaging, easy-to-follow design of Workday onboarding. When Lauren Scott, a new hire at Global Modern Services, accepts her offer and becomes provisioned as a Workday user, she receives this welcome with an easy path to follow.

Onboarding landing page

The path takes Lauren to personalized messages from the CEO (Steve) and business leader (Logan) as well as tips regarding benefits selections. Plus, it gives her an easy checklist of to-do’s to complete in order to become a fully productive team member. Both the checklist and personalized messages are completely configurable by her organization, so that her onboarding experience reflects the culture, mission, and values of the team she chose to join.

Onboarding as a part of unified HCM is just one example of how we’re continuing to innovate at Workday, and how this focus on innovation helped Workday achieve a leadership position in the industry in just a few years. We’ve got two more Workday updates this year for our customers, and rest assured that there is more goodness to come.