Personalizing Wellbeing: How to Support Every Aspect of Employee Health

If you ask the leadership team at any successful company, they’ll tell you people are at the core of their business. That’s why every employer has a responsibility to support the wellbeing of the whole employee, which includes recognizing mental health needs, supporting their physical and nutritional health in fun and engaging ways, reducing stress and increasing joy, and much more.

At Workday our employees come first, and we take a holistic approach to their wellbeing. We’ve created programming that focuses on four core pillars: happiness, health, movement, and nutrition. This goes far beyond traditional medical benefits and wellness offerings, and allows employees to focus on the wellbeing goals that are most important to them individually.

Take, for example, the company-wide educational campaign we launched last year about reducing the stigma around mental health. We hosted events at our offices around the world including seminars and panels with mental health professionals, offered resources, and opened up the dialogue around taking care of your mental health at work. Or our Team Wellbeing Experiences, where we personalize and plan a custom event that works best for a specific team, such as taking a cooking class, spin class, or meditating together. Or Mountain Day, a company-wide event where we organize team hikes around the world. And Wellbeing Week, a week in January with guest speakers, on-site health events and education, and fun challenges to help employees set and stick to their wellbeing goals.

We’ve created programming that focuses on four core pillars: happiness, health, movement, and nutrition.

We also provide healthy food options in our offices, and reflection rooms in our larger offices for those seeking a moment of tranquility in the midst of a busy day. We listen to employee feedback, including weekly pulse surveys, and work hard to help every employee reach optimum health.

As we enter into 2019, I hope you take some time to reflect on what wellbeing means to you. How is your wellness programming built to support your people? And are you building daily habits that optimize your own wellbeing? What one small change would you like to make this year that will make you feel better?

After all, our mental and physical health takes priority over everything else, in business and in life.

In this video, several of our employees share openly about their experiences with wellbeing at Workday. Take a look: