Report: The Path Forward for Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms powered by big data analytics already influence how we shop, what we watch, and increasingly, how we work. As we stand on the verge of what’s being called the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it’s important to point out that people and organizations are not passive observers of the changes sweeping our society. In other words, these technologies are not an autonomous force beyond our control.

All of us—developers, users, consumers, and policymakers—have the power to determine how these technologies evolve, how they are applied, and ultimately how they impact people and societies. We see promoting the thoughtful and responsible adoption of AI as one of our duties—and creating a common language and shared understanding is what we are trying to do in our white paper, Enterprise Intelligence: A New Frontier for Innovation.

In this white paper, you’ll find:

  • A technology overview and examples of the positive impacts already being made by AI and big data analytics
  • Benefits for the enterprise
  • Policy issues and potential responses
  • A suggested path forward for the private and public sectors

Read it today.

Enterprise Intelligence: A New Frontier for Innovation