The Best Measure of Workday’s Success: Our 97% Customer Satisfaction Rate

This week we’re hosting our Workday Rising customer conference, one of our favorite events of the year. It provides us the opportunity to get together with customers and partners to announce new products, share our future vision, and to hear more about what’s on their minds. It’s also the time when we reveal the results of our annual customer satisfaction survey.

We are honored and humbled to report that for the third year in a row, Workday has achieved a 97% customer satisfaction rate. When we started Workday in 2005, it was with the promise to bring passion and customer focus back to the business of enterprise applications. Ever since, we’ve measured our success as a company by how well we accomplish this goal. And every year since starting this survey in 2007, we’ve achieved or exceeded our company goal of 95%. To continuously reach a customer satisfaction rate previously unheard of in the enterprise software world is a huge cause for celebration at Workday, and there is nothing we cherish more than celebrating this success with our customers each year at Workday Rising.

That’s because in addition to being part of a community that really knows how to learn from one another and have fun, it’s only through working closely with our customers and partners that we’ve accomplished this feat. Through many venues and opportunities each year, customers are constantly influencing our future vision and letting us know when and where we need to do better.

We look forward to an incredible week ahead, and when it’s over it’ll be back to work for all us at Workday with a  razor-sharp focus on what needs to be done to keep our customers happy. Even as we continue to expand in Europe and Asia, bring more customers into the full application suite for financial management and human capital management, and introduce new products such as today’s announcement on Workday Insight Applications, we know we can never let growth distract us from taking care of customers.

We’ll also work on improving our partnerships with the 3%—those customers who did not give us a favorable review on our survey. We know we’re not flawless, and their survey comments—as well as those provided by the other 97%—provide invaluable guidance on everything from hot-button issues to new feature and product ideas.

Finally, we’d like to extend a big thank you to all of our customers who completed and provided feedback on the survey. Our success will always rely on how well we take care of you. Above all else, we will never take that for granted.