Understanding One Source of Truth for Analytics

Workday’s technology is designed around an elegant principle we call the Power of One that benefits our customers in many ways. When it comes to making timely decisions about the future of their businesses, having one source of the truth is critically important.

Our customers told us that the legacy approach to analytics was broken, with transactions separated from analytics systems. To get any kind of insights, companies have to undertake the cumbersome process of extracting their data and transforming it into something usable.

Derek Butts, Workday’s vice president of product strategy, explains how we purposefully broke with the legacy approach to analytics, and how one source of truth can give companies actionable insights and business agility.

In This Video
Why ETL Can’t Keep Up with the Business
Why We Built Transactions, Analytics, and User Experience on One Platform
How Reporting, Dashboards, and Scorecards Work
How a Unified Decision Pipeline Works
How Workday Is Different by Design

Learn about our approach to One Version of Software and One Security Model, and how one version can mean unlimited innovation.