Video: HR Executives from Convergys, Kohl’s, and Workday Discuss Next-Generation People Practices

As the state of the workforce continues to shift, it’s imperative that HR organizations adopt next-generation people practices. A few months ago at Workday Rising, our Chief People Officer Ashley Goldsmith sat down with two Workday customers, Jeni Fitzpatrick, senior vice president of HR at Convergys, and Ryan Festerling, executive vice president of HR at Kohl’s, to discuss people practices their companies are implementing and how they’re leveraging technology to achieve their goals.

In this five-minute excerpt, Fitzpatrick and Festerling talk about the benefits and challenges they see from using technology to provide increased transparency in the workplace, including providing real-time feedback on a job well done that’s immediately visible to others in the organization.

Much of the workforce changes impacting companies are driven by the employees themselves. For instance, more employees seek different experiences and skill sets in lieu of a straight, upwardly mobile path, and look to their employers to provide those opportunities.