Where Is Your Company on the Growth and Innovation Path?

For many companies on the path of digital transformation, their journey starts off looking like the yellow brick road—a better future is just ahead. Yet those who hit the ground running sometimes end up facing obstacles. They’re tripping over a common misconception: digital transformation is more than revamping business processes; it’s a mindset shift.

That’s the idea explored in the report, “Inside the Continuum of Growth and Innovation: Know When to Apply the Right Transformation at the Right Time” by Ray Wang, founder and principal analyst of Constellation Research, and an expert on the future of enterprise technology.

The study outlines common boardroom failures and their consequences for fast-tracked digital strategy deployments. These stumbling blocks, shown through real-world examples, include:

  • Inability to attract top talent
  • Laggard market perception
  • Short-term profit mentality
  • Dearth of innovation
  • Deviation from the brand mission

Companies are most successful with digital transformation when they apply it to the right places at the right time. Read the report for deeper insights into the continuum of growth and innovation so that you can best execute your organization’s digital strategy.