Why One Version of Software Is Good for Everyone

One version. It’s a simple idea with a cascade of benefits. All Workday customers are on the same version at all times. This means new features and innovations are available to every customer—no matter how big or small they are, or where they are in the world— at the same time.

Compare this to legacy software: Customers are all on different versions with different maintenance schedules. As David Sohigian, Workday’s North America CTO, says, “I get tired just thinking about it.”

How does Workday do this? It starts with an update approach that was inspired by today’s consumer internet world—not the painful, old-world ERP upgrade approach. 

In This Video
How One Version Benefits Workday Customers
How Workday’s Update Process Works
How Workday’s Strategy Differs from Legacy ERP Vendors
One Version, One Community, Continuous Collaboration
Why Workday Is Different by Design

Learn about our approach to One Source of Truth and One Security Model, and how one version can mean unlimited innovation.