In Good Company: Collaboration Among the CFO, CHRO, and CIO

If there’s anything that’s a constant in business, it’s that there’s always change, and the pace of change keeps accelerating. Add to that the fact that many decisions impact people, money, and technology, and it’s clear why collaboration among finance, HR, and IT is critical.

In our latest episode of In Good Company, we get perspectives on how the leaders of these teams should collaborate from Workday’s Ashley Goldsmith, chief people officer, Robynne Sisco, chief financial officer, and Diana McKenzie, chief information officer. The three share how the evolution of business has changed the relationship among these three roles, how technology makes it easier to work together, and tips on fostering closer collaboration.

In This Episode
Why the CFO, CHRO, and CIO Need to Collaborate
Benefits of Collaboration
How Technology Makes It Easier to Work Together
The Skills Needed for a Collaborative Culture
Tips on Fostering Closer Collaboration

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