Workday Announces iPaaS Partnerships to Integrate Data with Workday Prism Analytics

The vision for Workday Prism Analytics has always been geared toward openness and bringing non-Workday data into the system. And with the recent release of our data API, customers have an even more flexible, secure, and scalable way to load outside data into Workday Prism Analytics. Previously, customers utilized SFTP or file upload, but the API now allows them to automate the integration and management of datasets in Workday Prism Analytics directly. Already, we’re seeing our customers take advantage of this capability.

Yet, to ensure we continually increase the choice customers have, it is with much excitement that today we’re announcing three of our longstanding partners are building connectors for Workday Prism Analytics, enabling yet another way for customers to integrate third-party data sources into Workday. These leading integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) providers include Dell Boomi, Jitterbit, and SnapLogic.The connectors make it even easier to work with the API, because the need to program is eliminated. Instead, it’s a point and click solution versus writing code.

“Businesses today need to be able to merge multiple forms of data from different sources in order to make increasingly complex and informed decisions,” says Pete Schlampp, vice president, Workday Analytics. “With these extended partnerships and connectors, we’ll offer our mutual customers even more choice in how they integrate third-party data sources into Workday to enable faster decision-making.”

Better business decisions start at the data management layer. After all, self-service only works if there is absolute trust in data—analytics teams must be able to operate with one secure environment for the entire organization, and by leveraging Workday’s Power of One, customers can be confident that trustworthy data is a reality, with features like detailed traceability into dataset creation and updates.

At the end of the day, decision-makers need access to quality data to drive their business forward, and Workday is committed to making it easier for our customers to integrate and manage datasets at scale.