Workday Podcast: Modern Professional Services Automation Helps Firms Work Smarter

For professional services firms that want to grow and scale their businesses (and who doesn’t?), evolving to a more agile organization can impact how they interact with their clients. For example, how they staff projects efficiently and effectively, and how they deliver work. So how can professional services firms be more agile in order to embrace changes today and in the future?

I talked with guest speaker Margo Visitacion, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, about the challenges facing professional services firms, and how technology solutions such as professional services automation (PSA) can help firms work smarter rather than harder.

Listen to the full podcast:
Modern Professional Services Automation Helps Firms Work Smarter

Listen to the episode highlights:
Current Challenges and Market Factors Impacting Professional Services
Critical Digital Business Practices for Professional Services Firms
Defining PSA Tools
Key Ingredients for a Modern PSA Solution
Connecting HCM Processes and PSA
Coupling Financial Processes and PSA
How PSA Improves Transparency