Workday “Positive” In All Six Categories of Gartner Vendor Rating Report

In Gartner, Inc.’s recently released “Vendor Rating: Workday” report, analysts rated us across six categories in an effort to help CIOs and other IT leaders assess Workday’s suitability for their organizations.

The report is the work of nine analysts from across Gartner who collectively cover Workday Financial Management and Workday Human Capital Management, as well as industry-specific applications such as Workday Student and Workday Professional Services Automation.

The report summary reads: “Overall when assessing Workday across our six measures, Workday scores positive in all measures and this is a testament to Workday’s execution on a solid technology, product, and business strategy.”

The six categories Gartner, Inc. rated us on are: Product/Service, Support/Account Management, Pricing Structure, Technology/Methodology, Strategy, and Corporate Viability.

Get your complimentary copy of the full report, which includes bulleted advice for IT decision-makers under each category.

“Vendor Rating: Workday,” Chris Pang, Ron Hanscome, John E. Van Decker, Dawn Hubbard, Christopher Iervolino, Neil McMurchy, Terri-Lynn B. Thayer, Adam Woodyer, Robert A. Yanckello, 4 May 2018.