Why Workday is Winning in Retail

Workday is winning in retail with some of the biggest brands joining our customer community. We’re thrilled to see this momentum.

Given the continuously changing landscape most retailers face, the growing adoption of cloud-based technology isn’t surprising. Whether this technology is meant to empower employees with more engaging tools, enable new approaches to win the hearts and minds of customers, or execute new business strategies to increase the bottom line, retailers need systems like Workday to keep up with the pace of disruption.

So, why are the world’s biggest retailers looking to Workday? To address this, I’ve outlined three key trends we’re seeing that showcase why we’re a trusted partner to empower the current and future state of retail.

Innovate or Fall Behind: The retail industry is constantly transforming. Consumer expectations are causing a shift from traditional business models to more disruptive ones, with technology now playing a role in every customer and employee experience. To keep pace and drive better margins, retailers have to invest wisely and adopt systems that create efficiencies and spur innovation. Workday is that system. Our flexible technology foundation and continuous innovation on a single codeline mean that as our customers’ business needs change or market conditions evolve, we deliver the necessary features and functions to help them innovate, with little disruption—and no added cost—to their business.

According to Gartner, employees with higher levels of engagement care more about customers.

Culture Differentiates: With Workday, retailers not only have a partner that truly cares about their success but one that also shares their values. Workday was founded on the belief happy employees create happy customers, resulting in greater business success. This approach seems to be working—Workday currently has a 97 percent customer satisfaction rating. And, the research agrees with our fundamental premise: According to Gartner, employees with higher levels of engagement care more about customers. This is why more retailers are investing in better employee experiences; happy employees build customer loyalty and thereby the bottom line.

Help Employees Help You: In retail, where employees are on the front lines representing the brand and  helping drive revenue on a daily basis, it’s important they feel engaged from day one. From the moment a retailer recruits an employee, to professional development and ongoing learning, retailers are touching employees at every stage of their career lifecycle. With Workday, retailers have an intuitive, mobile-first system that empowers employees with career information at their fingertips so they can more easily explore their next career move internally or learn new skills with Workday Learning. Seamless career experiences—starting with a quick and content-rich onboarding—help motivate employees, ultimately resulting in happier customers.

Retailers are navigating new territory as they look at different ways to expand their business and win over customers. In the process, they need the right partner to help them establish the technology foundation for their future. That partner is Workday.