Workday’s Chief Trust Officer Explains One Security Model

We know that our success as a company depends on ensuring the safety of our customers’ data. Josh DeFigueiredo, Workday’s chief trust officer, explains how one security model benefits customers in a way that’s only possible with Workday’s technology platform.

Because Workday was able to design a born-in-the cloud system for an ever-changing technology landscape, as DeFigueiredo explains, security is integrated into the core of every Workday product. This means our customers can avoid spending the time and energy it takes to maintain a fragmented security model—often the result of add-ons by acquisition.

Watch this video to see why we believe trust is earned, and what we do to earn our customers’ trust. And, if you want to learn why a CIO’s smartest security move is the one many hesitate to make, read the Demystifying Cloud Security report by


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